1903Quarry operations established by Messrs. Georg Schön und Karl Hippelein. In the following years, the internationally known shell limestone unit in Crailsheim was brought down in the Jagsttal.

1945The founder Georg Schön died in World War II. Restoration work on the destroyed cities and streets began. This gave rise to multifaceted tasks for the company.

1953Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Ernst Hippelein joined the company and took over the management. Phase by phase, the material procurement and the processing factories were restructured using state of the art knowledge.

1970Acquisition of a super clean, light coloured limestone deposits in Waibertal near Heidenheim. Here, the Schön + Hippelein calcite factory produced high quality filler materials and gravel made of calcium carbonate for various applications, using the most modern process technologies..

1983A modern granite line was created, which meant that granite facades could be offered throughout Germany with full services.
Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Hippelein joins the company.

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