Our natural stone products are obtained from naturally occurring raw materials. The extraction from the quarry is done in such a way as to use resources sparingly.
Mining wastes that are not used are used for filling up and recultivating the quarry. From the natural stone quarry through the various processing steps in an environmentally friendly manner, we make every attempt to do justice to our ecological duties. Here, our work aims at ecological and economical sustainability.

No additional ingredients or foreign substances are needed for obtaining the natural stone products. To reduce the energy consumption in view of the ecological concerns, we are constantly working on improving and optimising our production processes. Since we use local deposits of stone, the transportation routes are short. Long transportation routes increase the transportation costs and burden the environment.

Natural stone is a natural material that has been used since centuries and is characterised by its high thermal capacity, and is therefore indispensable when it comes to the sparing usage of global energy resources that are getting increasingly scarce.

Our natural stone products are ecologically valuable construction materials from nature, and contribute towards sustaining the natural principles of life, protecting them and taking care of them, and also handing over a livable and intact environment to the generations that will follow.